Mintel predict the future of consumer behaviour and what that means for food and drink brands and global markets.

Jan 18, 2023 Industry news

As the experts in what consumers want and why, Mintel is best suited to accurately predict the future of consumer behaviour and what that means for food and drink brands and global markets.

Looking ahead to 2023, this is a preview of four of the eight 2023 Global Food and Drink Trends that Mintel analysts believe will impact consumer demands for food and drink in 2023, over the next few years, as well as 5+ years into the future. The specific and bold trends explore how ongoing uncertainty and new challenges are causing evolutions to the foundational consumer behaviours described by the Mintel Trend Drivers: Value, Experiences and Surroundings.

Weatherproofed Provisions
Consumers are in need of food and drink formulations that help them endure heat waves, sub-zero temperatures and disastrous weather events.

Cosmic Comforts
As Earth endures more chaos, space will become a source of optimism, innovation and connection.

Staying Sharp
Consumers are demanding formulations that help them optimise their mental performance at work, home and play.

Minimalist Messaging
Clear and simple communication will be essential to connect with fatigued consumers.

The combination of consumer and market data, predictive analytics, action-oriented insights and expert recommendations is an innovative approach that’s uniquely Mintel. We put everything into context to better understand what the consumer and business trends mean for—and how it could inspire—our food and drink clients’ business decisions across sectors, demographics, and amid global themes and times of uncertainty.

Download the FREE 2023 Global Food and Drink Trends now for insight on changing consumer behaviour, market expertise, and strategic recommendations to drive better business decisions faster—now and in the future. For in-depth insight into, and analysis of, all eight of Mintel’s 2023 Global Food and Drink Trends, clients should log in now.

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