Session Information

28-Jul, 11:30 - 12:00

New Product Development Insights and Accelerating Commercialisation Tips

FoodTech Speaker Series

New product development insights and accelerating commercialisation tips”

Food companies in Australia are at the forefront of technological change and disruption that is transforming how we live, work, communicate and pursue good ideas.

With regard to new product development, food businesses understand the competitive advantage of accessing the skills and talent of researchers and graduates from our public-sector research institutions. However, these same businesses often find themselves confused and frustrated about how to reach the expertise they require.

Join David Martin as he removes the mystique of engaging with some of Australia’s largest organisations and shares:

• how industry and research organisations collaborated to solve commercial problems that resulted in a competitive advantage for the industry partner;
• found and kept talent during a time of fierce competition for skills; and
• discuss the merit of continuing education as the industry undergoes significant disruption.

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